The Obligatory 'New Blog' Post

Another blog by a developer

The Obligatory 'New Blog' Post

The reasons for starting this blog are various:

  • to try out the Ghost blog platform
  • to try hosting something using docker-machine / DigitalOcean
  • to present a highly-revisionist version of how I spend my free time
  • to provide reading to accompany my resume

I intend to keep it focused on software development and technology, but I might throw in some other posts to brag about some other project that turned out well.

I'm going to try to do all the things a good blog maintainer should, like revisit posts, reply to comments, etc. However, I also have some personal goals for the blog:

  • to stick to subjects for multiple articles
  • to only produce well-written posts with substance - a creative thought if nothing else.
  • to be honest about the complexity of technology, my own biases and weaknesses
  • to help contextualize tech within modern life