Anthony Robertson
Mountain View, CA

A motivated full-stack developer with 8 years of experience looking for a place to provide value.

Technical Skills:

Front End

  • Javascript ES6+ proficient
  • React, web components
  • Webpack, bundling, development automation
  • Extensive experience building interactive front-ends from design prototypes
  • Responsive / fluid HTML/CSS design practices
  • websockets / real time data visualization

Back End

  • Drupal 6 / 7 / 8 - developer and admin
  • Node.js including express framework
  • RESTful APIs in Node, Python, PHP
  • UNIX & bash scripting
  • MySQL / NoSQL / Redis
  • RabbitMQ, InfluxDB, AMQP & MQTT protocols
  • Experience with microservice patterns


  • Docker, docker-compose, kubernetes
  • AWS VPC, GCP, Jenkins, GitLab
  • Splunk / Fluentd / Grafana / TICK stack

Other Dev / Human Skills

  • Familiar with AGILE methodology
  • Strong analytical and debugging experience
  • Excellent written / verbal / diagrammed communication
  • Enthusiastic about learning new technologies
  • Experience working with globally distributed teams


Chapman University
B.F.A. Film Production – Cinematography, 2007

Work Experience:

HERE Technologies
Senior Software Developer II
6/2018 - 12/2019
Built a Drupal 8 customer portal for venue maps, supporting group-based access control
Worked with UI & UX designers to solve unique data presentation challenges
Used React to turn prototypes into highly interactive user interfaces
Created containerized development tools to automate testing and task running
Satisfied strict technical security requirements spanning the entire stack, including OWASP

Classic Vacations, LLC ( Owned: Expedia Group )
Senior Software Developer
9/2015 - 5/2018
Upgraded an extensive Drupal 6 eCommerce / travel booking site to Drupal 7
Integrated with multiple custom APIs for inventory, booking, flights
Built internal tools for accessing inventory data for sales employees
Created tools for travel agents to produce customer-specific and media-rich quotes

Blue Coat Systems, Inc. (Acquired: Symantec, 2016)
Drupal Admin & Software Developer
10/2013 - 8/2015
Built internal tools integrated with Salesforce, LDAP/SAML, REST services
Designed and maintained several REST & SOAP web services
Self-managed projects for multiple internal stakeholders
Coordinated weekly releases for a team of 4-6 developers

Micello, Inc. ( Acquired: HERE Technologies, 2018 )
Drupal & API Developer
9/2011 - 9/2013
Built a developer portal with interactive and downloadable code examples
Javascript API - Enhancements and optimizations for map UI elements
Developed various marketing and PR

Fun Interests ( read the blog! ):

  • IoT / Home Automation - wifi micro-controllers, sensor networks
  • Building drones and robots
  • 3D printing
  • Growing Food & Roasting Coffee