Beach Flying

I had been warned about sand, but probably should have been more careful. The problem was, everything in San Felipe is desert or beach.


The crashes were particularly rough because the propellers would just grind on the sand and become deformed. I would do several things differently next time.

Desert Sunsets

This looks a whole lot nicer on the GoPro than it did through my goggles. I think I must have been pushing the limits of this camera's light sensitivity.

I also had a head-on crash with a cactus which is particularly cringe-worthy on video.

So although Mexico was rough on my components, I think it was worth it. With another year of experience under my belt, my flying and building skills have improved exponentially. By next year who knows which variable I'll be tweaking.

You can see where the propellers were sand blasting the frame and lens. It's a short and exciting life for an FPV camera.